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My job is to develop for you and with you, an environment that looks like you, that you like and that suits you for a long time.

A place where you will feel good, where you will like to spend time, alone or accompanied.

This is enough to sum up the philosophy of my profession, but if you want to know more, the following lines might interest you.

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Why interior design?


Creating a space within the built environment means respecting the place and the people by making them live in harmony. It means analyzing the constraints of a building and the expectations of the human on a different scale from that of the architect: that of the individual. 


What does the interior designer do?

The interior designer's vocation is to create and develop the interior spaces of a place of life.

He carries out his activity in a liberal form, in a company or as an employee for interior design and architecture companies or organizations acting on behalf of the State or a local community.

Where does the interior designer come in?

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The areas of intervention of the interior designer are multiple.

  • Habitat

  • Hospitality - Catering - Tourism

  • Distribution

  • Industry

  • Administrations - Offices - Services

  • Sanitary - Hospital

  • Cultural - Educational - Teaching - Sports

  • Social

  • Ephemeral and event architecture

  • Museography

  • Scenography

How does our collaboration work?

Before consulting an interior designer, the client, known as the “project owner”, will have previously taken care to draw up a summary program and define his estimated budget.

Our collaboration is formalized by an assignment contract .

The typical mission of an interior designer is divided into 3 main phases:

  1. Creation/Design*

  2. Consultation

  3. Execution/Realization

The design itself is subdivided into several stages which allow an increasingly detailed technical definition of the project:

  • Sketches

  • Summary preliminary draft

  • Final draft

During this design phase, the interior designer will check that the means given by his client are compliant and sufficient to complete the project.

Execution includes:

  • Completion of the business consultation file

  • Assistance in the selection of companies

  • The aesthetic follow-up of the works

  • Reception assistance

The mission of the interior designer ends when the reservations made during the reception are lifted.

The interior designer can also be called upon for consultancy and artistic direction missions which are developed by mutual agreement according to the objectives and the means.


* From time to time, the mission of the interior designer may be limited to the creation-design phase.

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